A new world awaits…and Spirit Guided Journeys can help you get there!


Life is a journey of creativity and transformation and Kelley is dedicated to helping you unleash your creative power and transform your life.

Are you a writer or creative entrepreneur struggling with a book or another writing project? Are your emotions blocking your creative process? Do you struggle with procrastination, fear, or the feeling that you are stuck and cannot succeed?

I understand these feelings as a writer in the midst of my own creative journey. I would love to show you how to move through your blocks and self-sabotage, giving you the tools to empower yourself to live the creative life of your dreams.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), writing, processes from the yogic tradition including short meditation practices, and even spirit guided travel, I can help you discover the source of what is holding you back. Together we will release the emotions keeping you stuck, allowing you to move forward.
A new world awaits…let’s find it together.

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Here’s what our travelers are saying

There was so much to take in, and I honestly feel that after spending time in India with everyone on this journey, there has been a shift in my soul. I’m not sure quite what to say or how to describe it, but just maybe that I feel closer to myself…I feel more on track and focused, more confident in myself and my direction and path in life

Jamie Kleeman

India Traveler, 2014

I really enjoyed driving around in the traffic and through the villages. There was so much to see everywhere, from cows and goats, to the vibrant colors of the women in their saris…the motorcycles, bikes, buses and trucks… the man selling coconuts on the side of the highway and the giant statues of the gods in the middle of a tiny village…

Ellen Kleeman

India Traveler, 2014

The trip with Kelley was even more exciting than I had expected. I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience powerful insights from the Indian teachers Kelley arranged to present workshops. We had a wonderful balance of teachings and exploring spiritual centers and temples. Kelley also knows how to make a trip to a place like India be the most decadent and full of sensory experiences. We had full and fun days. I am so grateful to have found Kelley and the travel opportunity of a lifetime. I highly recommend Spirit Guided Journeys’ trips.

Lisa Jones

India Traveler, 2014

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