AyurvedaGram, Whitefield, Bangalore

Welcoming gates at AyurvedaGram, Whitefield

In September I spent a day at AyurvedaGram in Whitefield, Bangalore. From the moment I entered the gates at AyurvedaGram I felt peaceful. It was a joy to spend an entire day learning and experiencing in such a tranquil setting.

My visit started at 11:00 at the reception desk where I was greeted warmly. Next, I was taken to the dining area where I relaxed with a cup of tea before my consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor.

Dining area, Ayurvedagram

A view from the dining room, AyurvedaGram

From there, I went to meditation and then pranayama in the yoga hall. The yoga master has such a gentle presence. The peacefulness intensified.

After lunch in the outdoor dining area, I had a tour of the grounds of AyurvedaGram. All of the buildings were imported to Whitefield from Kerala, the home of Ayurveda. There are cottages where guests can stay that were built in either a Hindu, Muslim, or Christian style – they are traditional homes from Kerala. Each cottage resembles the other yet there are subtle differences. The reception area is a former palace.

Grounds at Ayurvedagram

Grounds at AyurvedaGram

I enjoyed the gentle hour of yoga and then was on my way to my massage treatment on a Kerala-style massage table. I wasn’t able to stay for dinner that evening, but even still, the day was a success. I am looking forward to my next day at AyurvedaGram. I hope you’ll be there with me.


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