“The trip with Kelley was even more exciting than I had expected. I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience powerful insights from the Indian teachers Kelley arranged to present workshops. We had a wonderful balance of teachings and exploring spiritual centers and temples. Kelley also knows how to make a trip to a place like India be the most decadent and full of sensory experiences. We had full and fun days. I am so grateful to have found Kelley and the travel opportunity of a lifetime. I highly recommend Spirit Guided Journeys’ trips.”


Lisa Jones Owner, Nia NH and Yoga, LLC, Amherst, NH January 27, 2015

Thank you, Kelley, for sharing your love of southern India with our group. I’m so glad I took the opportunity to go with you! India is so much more than traffic, noise, and poverty. It has a rich history and culture of tradition and spirituality, and with so much to explore, your two week itinerary covered all the best parts. Having lived in India, your expertise and local contacts made it all the more special for us, not to mention worry-free! Poonam and her family were so warm and friendly, welcoming us into their home like old friends. With the smaller group size, we were able to be flexible with the schedule, and it allowed for strong bonds and friendships to grow. It was a truly colorful and eye-opening journey. Not only did I come away with lots of fun memories and stories, but also a changed spiritual and social awareness.

Ellen Kleeman January 27, 2015

I decided to go on this trip because I wanted to travel to India, but I also wanted self-growth. Spirit Guided Journeys was the perfect combination of experiencing the culture on every level, yet having moments of self-reflection. Having gone on other trips to Europe with tour guides/groups, I can say that this experience was much more rich. We did so many things two weeks, and met so many amazing people. Looking back, I’m not quite sure how it all fit within the time frame, but I do know that I feel more complete than I did when I arrived.

Jamie Kleeman January 27, 2015


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