India 2015

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

Travel to India in October/November 2015 with Spirit Guided Journeys

I am excited to announce my next trip to southern India leaving on October 30, 2015 for a Journey of Spiritual Creativity. I’d like to invite you to come along.

Creativity – we are all blessed with our own creative impulses. Maybe you love to write or draw. Perhaps you enjoy taking pictures in interesting places and are always searching for new settings. Perhaps you enjoy dancing and movement as a way to express yourself. The problem that I find in my busy life is how to fit in my favorite creative pursuits alongside all the mundane tasks I have to handle every day. So, I’m heading back to Bangalore for a break from the everyday to dip into all the creative sides of me that I often leave unexpressed. If you want a chance to delve into your own create impulses, join me. There is no more diverse and unique landscape than India for renewing your inner juices.

The trip will leave from the United States on Friday, October 30, 2015. Travel time is almost 24 hours and we lose time in transit, making our arrival date Sunday, November 1 early in the morning Bangalore time. We will spend the first of the trip in Bangalore, exploring art, writing, dance and the city of Bangalore. While we are in Bangalore we will stay at the Alila Hotel in Whitefield.  At this lovely resort you can indulge your creative senses in a spa experience, take a swim in the rooftop pool, and partake of the culinary delights at one of the restaurants on the property. 

We will spend time with Poonam Illuri of Gaia Bangalore, exploring art with Poonam and writing with me. We will also have the chance to try out Bollywood Dance, tap into our inner selves through meditation and yoga, and wander around Bangalore taking in the sights and doing a bit of retail therapy India-style. 


Nandi, Shiva’s Bull
Chamundi Hills

Midway through our journey we will head to Mysore, Karnataka, India for a three-night stay. The trip takes three and a half hours by car. In Mysore, we will spark our creativity with visits to the beautiful Mysore Palace, the temples at Chamundi Hills and the many parks and gardens around the city. My own yoga master, Masterji Mysore Viswanth, has his new yoga center in Mysore and anyone who would like to experience an astanga yoga class can join me for a morning practice.

From Mysore, our group will head to Kerala for a stay at the Tranquil Resort located in the Wayanad region of Kerala. Tranquil is a 400 acre coffee plantation and we will have a chance to enjoy a plantation home stay experience complete with nature paths, a pool, a tour of the plantation and the lush rainforest as a backdrop. We will experience the beauty of nature in India. There is much to see and do at this lovely resort. 

Upon our return to Bangalore we will head back to the Alila Hotel for the last of our trip. The group will fly out of Bangalore early in the morning of Saturday, November 14, 2015 to arrive home on the evening of the 14th.

The trip is limited to eight participants, allowing us the chance to develop a community of creativity and fun. Be in touch soon if you are interested in joining this Journey of Spiritual Creativity.

Blessings and Namaste,

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