The Tapping Points


Tapping points

Basic Recipe                                                                                  

Top of Head – TH

nner Eyebrow – IEEFT Tapping Points cropped page smaller

Side of the Eye – SE

Under Eye – UE

Under Nose – UN

Chin – CH

Collarbone – CB

Under Arm – UA

Karate chop – KC


Finger Points

Thumb – TH

Index Finger – IF

Middle Finder – MF                                                  EFT Finger and Hand Positions 1 cropped page 2 smaller

Little Finger – LF



  1. Determine what you are feeling; is it a problem, pain, emotion.
  2. How intense is the emotion you are feeling from 0 to 10 (0 is nothing and 10 is most intense)
  3. Then determine the set up statement: Even though I have this ____________(problem, pain, emotion) I deeply and completely accept myself.  Say this three (3) times while gently tapping the Karate chop point on the fleshy part of the outside of the hand. (Either hand is fine)
  4. Tap through the basic recipe using the reminder phrase: This ___________ (problem, pain, emotion). Tap at each point while repeating the phrase.



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