Gaia Bangalore 2014

Spirit Guided Journeys Travelers with Poonam and Sanchi Illuri at Gaia Bangalore

The Spirit Guided Journeys group arrived safely in India in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 26, and since landing we have been moving nonstop. So far, in the past week, we’ve had some amazing workshops with local teachers including Swami Devanand of the Bihar School and we’ve learned about our host country from local resident, Poonam Illuri of Gaia Bangalore.  One of our travelers, Lisa Jones, guided us through Breathwork therapy yesterday and Poonam taught all of us how to block print. I have had a great time getting to know my fellow travelers better while sharing with them my love of India and yoga.



Other activities thus far  include temple visits in Bangalore, a visit to the bustling Russell Market, and a stroll through Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. It is great to be back in Bangalore, great to have the group along for the journey, and great to see India through their eyes.

Russell Market

Russell Market, Bangalore

We have another week, so check back in for more details of the journey. And take a look at the Spirit Guided Journeys Facebook page for more pictures. 

Sri Big Bull Temple

Sri Big Bull Temple, Bangalore

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