“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Martin Buber

 Beach India

Come along in October on a spiritual journey to southern India and see what this magical place has in store for you. As plans for the trip continue to unfold, I want to take this opportunity to share what’s happening.

I’d like to begin with a welcome to any men who would like to join the journey. There have been several inquiries from men interested in the coming to India, prompting us to reconsider the women’s only aspect of the trip. So be in touch all of you interested guys. We’re happy to have you along.

I’ve been tweaking the itinerary so be sure to take a look at the Itinerary page, located within the India 2014 section, for all the details. Some additions to the basic itinerary will be available for anyone interested. These additions will not be part of the cost of the trip but can be added to your journey if you want to take part.

One of the additions is a possible trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art on the day of arrival, Sunday, October 26. Interested travelers could join me for a jaunt into Bangalore, a walk through the Gallery, and coffee or tea at the on-site café. Admission to the gallery for foreign visitors is RS 150 or approximately $2.50. We could then wander some of the shops nearby and perhaps even enjoy dinner out before heading back for a well-deserved sleep. Weary travelers who need a day to rest before our workshops begin on Monday, the 27th, would be welcome to remain at the Alila Hotel to enjoy the pool, the gym, or perhaps to book themselves time at the spa for a rejuvenating treatment.

Another possible addition to the original itinerary is a chance to see a movie or a local theater production on one of our evenings in Bangalore. The Jagriti Theater in Bangalore stages excellent productions featuring local actors.  Depending on availability we could choose to get tickets for a performance. Ticket prices are currently running at RS 250 or approximately $5.00.

Of course, the itinerary itself allows for plenty of time to discover your secret destination during our journey. We will have regular opportunities to practice yoga and meditation. The various workshops, presented by gifted teachers and facilitators, will allow you to delve into your heart and soul. Journal and art activities will encourage the outer expression of the inner you through writing and the visual arts.

And of course, at Quiet Healing Center in Pondicherry, we will be staying on the beach, allowing all of us time to stroll through warm sand as the meditative pounding of waves relaxes and unwinds any residual tensions.


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