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Making friends In Pondicherry.

Making friends In Pondicherry.

Hi, I am Kelley Pryor Amrein. Welcome to Spirit Guided Journeys.

I started Spirit Guided Journeys in 2014 because I wanted to share my love of India with others. In the last two plus years, Spirit Guided Journeys has evolved from a company with the primary focus of travel to southern India, to a venture centered on exploring and supporting the personal process of spiritual and creative development. I’d love to take this trip together.

My spiritual process is ongoing but I can point to a conscious beginning in 2004. In June of that year, my family and I moved to Bangalore (Bengaluru) India, and I have been on my own Spirit Guided Journey ever since. A few highlights of my experience include: completing yoga teacher training in 2008 in Bangalore with Masterji Mysore Viswanatha; learning the practice of Yoga Nidra from Swami Yogaratna of the Bihar School of Yoga; receiving Mantra Diksha from Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati President of the Bihar School of Yoga, when he visited Bangalore for the first time; experiencing workshops and celebrations led by teachers while in India; and traveling in India while living there and on my return visits.

A few of my favorite places to visit in India include: Pondicherry or Puducherry on the Bay of Bengal in southern India; Mysore, the former capital of the Kingdom of Mysore, located in southwestern Karnataka state; Kerala, the home of Ayurveda; and the northern cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar. I still have much to see in India. I am always planning a new trip and would love to have you join me on the next group journey. I can think of no better place than India to challenge how we think, perceive and experience the world. Simply being there is a spiritual act that broadens our creative perspective.

Besides being a student of yoga and a lover of India, I am a writer and EFT practitioner. Spirit Guided Journeys encompasses all the things I love to do and gives me a foundation from which I can share my experiences and expertise with you.

I invite you to browse the website to discover more about what I do. You will find a section about Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, an energy psychology system that is scientifically researched and has been shown to help remove the emotional blocks holding us back from success and abundance. You will also find sections with more information about my yoga background, past and future trips to India, and my writing.

I have saved writing for last, but it is the most important aspect of what I do. In my world, writing is a need as deep as breathing and as freeing as travel. Writing unblocks my closed spaces. Words are soft hands that hold my most fearful and joyful thoughts. Time to write is sacred. New places to explore, both within and without, feed my creative spirit. No wonder all that I have discovered and now practice flow together, merge, with grace. Yoga is the breath and movement of body and soul.  EFT is the unblocking of emotions and pain so they may release. Travel feeds the inner and outer senses, opening the traveler to new worlds and new words. And writing brings it all together.

Please contact me with any questions about what I do and how I can be of service to you.

A new world awaits…let’s find it together!

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