Flowers in IndiaIt’s August. The wonder of summer is slowly drawing down. Even though there is a month left, there is a feeling of ending, a knowing deep inside that the long days of sun and freedom are waning, drawing to a close. I love summer. It is my favorite time of year. And this summer in New Hampshire has been beautiful with just enough heat to warm my winter-chilled bones and just enough rain to keep the grass green and the flowers in perpetual bloom. I never want summer to end. I love having the kids home from school. I love the clean, sweet, earthiness of the deep summer months. And I love that the snow is all gone.

As the days fly by and fall nears, I keep in mind my beaming light as summer winds down: India. I leave again in October to go home to southern India. And this time, other sojourners will accompany me on the first Spirit Guided Journeys trip, which departs October 24.

As the trip to India approaches, I find myself meandering the streets of Bangalore in southern India in my imagination. I joyfully anticipate the cacophony of sights, colors, sounds and smells that decorate the daily landscape of Bangalore. Women in saris of bright pink, vibrant orange, sunny yellow, and passionate purple dot the markets with color. Children in sparkling white school uniforms wait in groups for the bus to take them to school for a day of learning and play. Rickshaws bustle in and out of traffic, horns sounding in irritation as the smaller vehicles slip through where cars cannot manage. Among the throng wander the cows, snarling traffic without care or concern, secure in their privileged status, while humanity bustles about them.

I love being in India. It is the home of my heart, the place where I return to reconnect with source and slow down for a bit. I look forward to spending time with dearly loved friends, tasting favorite foods, resting under mango trees and coconut palms, rising to the sound of temple music, and practicing yoga in its birthplace. I eagerly anticipate wandering the streets of Bangalore, shopping in the markets, soaking in the sights.

I love these journeys of mine – my sojourns to southern India. If you want to join the Spirit Guided Journeys group in October and experience India for yourself, there is still time. We’d love to have you.

Blessings and Namaste,


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