My Yoga Journey

My background in yoga started in 2004 when I was newly arrived in India. I knew enough about yoga to know that it hailed from my adopted home and tried a class. I quickly realized that yoga had more to offer than simply a flexible body.  I took every opportunity to discover more about yoga and the teachings of yoga while living in Bangalore. In May of 2008 I received my first yoga teacher certification from M.S Viswanath at the Foundation of Panthanjala Yoga Kendra, then located in J.P. Nagar and now relocated to Mysore. I worked with Masterji for a year and my training included yoga philosophy, mantra practice, pranayama and asana.

When my family moved back to the United States in 2008, I continued my yoga training with  Aura Yoga in Attleboro, MA. run by Paul and Marie Jerard. I earned another yoga teaching certification in Hatha Yoga at Aura as well as a certification to teach Chair Yoga. Currently I am a 500-hour yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, having completed my 500-hour training with Maureen Miller and Stacy Gibbons at  Living Yoga NH in Concord, NH in November, 2014.

When my family moved to India I became fascinated with the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and was intrigued by the stories from the Hindu traditions.  In the past year I have delved more deeply into the energies of the goddesses as Shakti or Divine Feminine energy. I have had the privilege to attend three workshops with Sally Kempton, one of the definitive teachers about the Goddesses and the Divine Feminine in America and author of the book, Awakening Shakti, including a workshop at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA.

I have also had the privilege to dive deeply into the feminine energy with Nilima Bhat  in November of 2014 in Auroville. Nilima Bhat, yoga teacher, author, founder and director of Samurnah: The Wholeness Practice, and one of our presenters from the 2014 SGJ Sojourn to Southern India, led a workshop for our group at Quiet Healing Center focused on Shakti, the energy of the divine feminine.

I continue to explore the world through the energies of the Goddesses, recognizing that they play and move within every facet of my life. And the more I learn and experience, the more that I want to share what I have learned with others. In the future, I will be offering a series of workshops about the Goddesses of Yoga and the energy of Shakti, or the Divine Feminine.

I offer private yoga sessions, small class instruction (2 person classes), and Yoga and EFT combinations. Please see __________ to choose the option that’s best for you

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